Background Checks


Our checks are thorough

Bellingham Investigation Services conducts thorough background checks to  help identify the reliability, trustworthiness, criminal background,  and general character of subjects.  We conduct background checks for employee screening purposes, tenant screening  purposes, nanny checks, for relationship purposes, for business  partnership purposes, as well as other needs.  We do not rely on  out-of-date and incomplete databases for our searches.  We do  multi-point background checks that can include site visits and checks to  courthouses, prior landlords, prior employers, and neighborhood  sources, as well as in depth database searches.  We conduct our  background checks within the guidelines and laws of the FTC and New York  State.  If you need a private investigator, we can help. 

Tenant Screening

Handing your keys over to an unknown tenant can be a risky investment.   Utilizing our tenant screening services can help you  protect your  property and your income.  Click here for more information about our tenant screening services.

Employee Screening

Hiring employees for your company can be a risky investment.  We offer several Employee Screening packages to help reduce the risks.  Click here for more information about employee screening.

Multi-point background checks

 We offer several background check  packages that include multi-point checks.  A list and brief description  of some of the checks is provided here:

  • Social Security Number Scan: This will confirm the tenant's social security number is correct.
  • County  Criminal Records Search: This is essential in conducting a criminal  background check.  Other, broader criminal records searches are  unreliable and faulty. 
  • Employment  Verification: This search is used to confirm the tenant is employed at  the capacity, location, and duration they claim.
  • County Civil Records Check: These checks includes liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.
  • Eviction Records Check: This search is used to identify the tenant's past eviction history.
  • Federal  Criminal Records Check: A Federal Criminal Records Check is used to  identify if the tenant has been convicted of a federal crime.
  • Nationwide  Criminal Records Check: There is no real and complete national criminal  history record databases. Rather, the “Nationwide Criminal Records  check” is conducted by using various sources.  However, these searches  are inherently incomplete, not kept current, and should not be relied  upon solely.  We only do these checks in conjunction with other criminal  searches for more complete and accurate results. 
  • Landlord  and Sources Check:  This check is done by contacting the tenant’s prior  landlords and neighborhood sources.  The check is used to assess the  subject’s overall quality as a tenant by identifying issues such as  evictions, property damage caused by the subject, neighbor disputes,  etc.  This provides essential information and allows for sources to  describe the general character of the tenant.
  • Sex Offender Registry Check:  The search is conducted to determine if the subject is registered on the Sex Offender Registry. 
  • Statewide  Criminal Records Check: “Statewide Criminal Records Checks” are  conducted by using various sources.  These searches, unlike county  criminal searches, have a broad geographic scope.  However, these  searches are inherently incomplete, not kept current, and should not be  relied upon solely.  We only conduct these checks in conjunction with  other criminal searches for more complete and accurate results. 

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