Locates & Skip Trace


Missing persons, locates, & skip trace

 Bellingham Investigation Services provides locate and missing person  searches using top-notch databases, high tech equipment, surveillance  techniques, and years of experience.  If there is someone you have been  looking for, whether it is a witness to a criminal or civil case, someone you need papers served to, a  loved one, or someone from your past, we can help.

If you've done  searches and looked for someone without positive results, don't give  up.  Contact us.  When you contact us, we can discuss what your needs  are, provide you with more information, and help locate your subject.   Contact us and we will get working for you right away.  If you need a  private investigator, contact us. 

Contact us

We can be reached by phone 315-527-4976, email jl@syracuseinvestigator.com, fax 315-266-1202, and by scheduling an appointment at our office 404 Oak St, Suite 266, Syracuse, NY 13203