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Child Custody Investigations

Your concerns for your children are not constrained to the times they  are in your custody, you care for their safety all of the time.  Many  parents are fearful of the environment, treatment, and care their  children are subject to during custodial visits.  Whether you are  seeking changes in a custody agreement, or you want to know the truth about your child's safety and treatment during custodial visits,  Bellingham Investigation Services can help. With the use of  high-tech equipment and over a decade of experience, Bellingham  Investigation Services can document the environment and treatment your  child is subject to when they're out of your custody. Our services can  also be used to identify and verify court order violations. Surveillance  can be conducted at any time of the day or night to leave you with no  questions about your child's treatment.  Additionally, interviews can be  conducted with witnesses and neighborhood sources to help identify the  treatment of your child(ren) by the other parent.  These interviews can  be documented and used as evidence for court proceedings.  Further,  background checks can be conducted to illuminate the criminal history,  general character, and financial situations of the other parent, or  subjects the parent is associating with.  

Child Support Investigations

 We also conduct deadbeat parent locates  and investigations.  These investigations can also be used to identify   employment and income of the parent.  Additionally, our services can be  used to identify and verify court order violations. 

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