Mobile and Stationary Surveillance

Bellingham I S conducts intensive  and thorough surveillance  investigations.  With high-tech equipment and over a decade of  experience, Bellingham I S can be counted on to handle all types of  surveillance assignments.  Surveillance can be conducted for cheating  spouse cases, child custody cases, civil cases, criminal cases, and a  variety of other purposes.  At Bellingham I S we do not hire  inexperienced private investigators to handle our surveillance  assignments.  All of our surveillance assignments are conducted by an  investigator with over a decade of experience in the field.  All  surveillance assignments are handled discreetly and confidentially.  We  have had many clients express their fears about hiring an investigator  to conduct a surveillance.  We seek to eliminate these fears.  Our  surveillance efforts are always discreet and our client's names and  information are never disclosed.  The details and surveillance plans can  be thoroughly discussed prior to initiation.  We openly welcome anyone  seeking a surveillance investigation to contact us and discuss any  concerns they have.  

Contact us

We can be reached by phone 315-527-4976, email, fax 315-266-1202, and by scheduling an appointment at our office 404 Oak St, Suite 266, Syracuse, NY 13203.