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Bellingham Investigation Services provides investigations at an  affordable rate. We do not charge for mileage or hidden fees. Prior to  conducting an investigation, the case will be fully discussed, you will  be quoted a price, and there are no surprise charges.  New York State  does require that we collect a sales tax on our services.  Some of the  services we provide require a retainer.  A retainer, simply put, is a  portion of the cost paid in advance.  If a retainer is required, this  information will be communicated to you.  If you need a private  investigator, we can help at reasonable rate.

     We understand the  financial needs some of our clients face, and we will work with you to  arrange for the most cost effective investigations possible.  As we  conduct a wide range of services, the prices of the services vary.  In  general, our hourly rate is set at $ 80.00/hour, with no extra charges such as mileage or hidden fees.  We accept cash, check, and major credit cards.  For more information contact us. 

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